About Us

David (Owner and Director):

David grew up in Atherton and started his carpentry apprenticeship in 2005. He worked with local companies throughout his career and assisted in Mission Beach during the Cyclone Yasi rebuild. He quickly progressed into leading hand roles and then into a foreman and site supervisor role, whilst training other apprentice carpenters. David became a qualified builder in 2014, allowing him to construct low-rise buildings under his own license.

Megan (Co-Owner and Manager):

Megan was born in Zimbabwe and moved to Atherton in 2003. She started her career in Conservation and Land Management and then moved into the Real Estate industry as a Business Systems Operator. She progressed to an Executive Assistant whilst completing a Bachelor of Creative Industries. She then completed a Graduate Diploma of Teaching, simultaneously running a local after-school care service.

Why our company formed:

We had been renting since moving out of home at eighteen and having our own home seemed like an unachievable goal due to its expense and how much we were earning. We had signed another 6-month lease on the property we were renting and the rent had gone up again. After calculating how much we had paid to our landlords, we reached a turning point. Dalewood Constructions began as a means to provide us (and others like us), with what we needed to get ahead in life – our first home.